Andy Remote Control


Control the Andy emulator from your Android phone



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Andy Remote Control is a tool for the Android emulator Andy that lets you do exactly what it says on the tin: use your Android device as a remote control.

Using Andy Remote Control is very simple. You just need to have Andy running on the computer you want to use, and, of course, the phone has to be connected to the same WiFi network Andy is connected to. Then you'll be able to use your Android phone as a remote control, which is particularly useful for video games.

The only problem with Andy Remote Control is that it does have a bit of lag in the connection. Sometimes, depending on the app you're using, you'll notice that the frame rate is slower than you'd like it to be.

Andy Remote Control is a good remote control tool. Just remember that it only works with Andy and no other emulators: only Andy.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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